Day One

Well, here goes nothing.  In cIMG_20160617_184542ase you didn’t read the About section, I will start with a little bit about my background.  I have a Public Relations degree and also taught Biology for three years. My teaching certification is in secondary English and Biology.  I have been coaching volleyball for over ten years, but do not have the stellar playing resume.  No, I did not get into volleyball because of a daughter: I don’t have any kids.

I grew up in the infancy of the digital age and internet, which meant that I had to work really hard to gain my knowledge about volleyball.  I have great mentor coaches that gave me valuable insight about the game and coaching in general.

They gave so much to me, and now with the internet, it is even easier for me to give back to you.  I love coaching and teaching because I love sharing what I know, and that is what this site is all about.  I simply want to share what I love with the world.

Since the tag for this website is “The resource for all things volleyball”, it is also my intention to keep the world updated on hard to find volleyball information. Do you want information on any of the 6 tools of volleyball, physical training, scientific research, coaching education, club volleyball, Grand Prix standings, World League standings, NCAA standings, HS rankings and schedules? This is your one stop shop.

This site is a work in progress, and yes I did create it to share my love of volleyball, but I also did it because my bookmark folder, bookshelf, and binders were getting too full and taking up too much room.  So, here you go, all you need to know about volleyball and the volleyball world is now (or very soon to be) in one spot: 


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